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The difference between epoxy glass fiber wound tube and general epoxy tube

What is the difference between an epoxy fiberglass wound tube and a general epoxy tube?
The general epoxy tube is made of glass fiber cloth, which is suitable for general ordinary insulating materials. The accuracy is not very high.
The machinability is not as high as that of the epoxy wound tube.
Epoxy winding is a tube made of high-quality glass fiber impregnated with ultra-low viscosity high temperature epoxy resin, which is cross-wound under the control of a microcomputer. It is a high-quality raw material for manufacturing high-pressure, UHV SF6 high-voltage electrical appliances and composite hollow casings for current transformers.
The main characteristics of epoxy fiberglass winding tube:
The glass fiber reinforced winding structure of the coiled pipe and the optimized mechanical auxiliary layer design make the product have high flexural strength and excellent mechanical properties, and are suitable for use in heavy earthquake areas.
The epoxy glass fiber winding tube is filled with high temperature resistant resin and has high temperature resistance. It can be used for hollow casing production under high temperature and high pressure conditions of SF6 high voltage circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber.
Epoxy glass fiber wound pipe is resistant to SF6 gas decomposition products and corrosion of compounds
Excellent insulation performance, partial discharge less than 5pC
Epoxy glass fiber wound pipe for SF6 high-voltage switch and transformer composite hollow casing