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What is the difference between rubber board and epoxy board?

Glued wood: Also known as bakelite, it is made of paper or cotton lining as a reinforcing material and phenolic resin as a binder. Common colors of rubber wood are black, orange, yellow and brown. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, friction resistance, no static electricity, etc. It is commonly used to make mold splints, test fixtures, packaging machines, etc.
Epoxy board: A fiberboard made of epoxy resin in water green, yellow, black, white, etc. According to the presence or absence of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and antimony, halogens can be classified into halogen-containing epoxy sheets and halogen-free epoxy sheets. Halogen-free epoxy sheets do not emit toxic gases when burned, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection and is widely used. According to the performance can also be divided into 3024, G10, G11 and other categories. Epoxy board is heat-resistant, friction-resistant and has good mechanical properties. It is widely used in the electrical and electronic industry.
The difference between epoxy board and rubber board: 1. Different materials. The main material of the epoxy board is epoxy resin, and the main material of the glue board is phenolic. 2. Different toughness. The strength and toughness of the epoxy board are larger than that of the rubber board, and the plasticity is stronger, so the market is wider. It has a lightweight, milky white phone case that is superior in performance, thin and tough, and is very popular with young people. 3. The price is different. The price of rubber board is about 25 yuan / square meter, and the price of epoxy board is about 29 yuan / square meter. Glued wood is cheap.