High Hardness Plastic Black White Pom Panel

High Hardness Plastic Black White Pom Panel

POM formal name is polyacetal or delrin , 100% virgin pom Panel has excellent physical performances: high hardness, good wear resistance and fatigue resistance, good chemical stability and electricity insulation, dimensional stability, especially excellent solvent rigidity (elastic modules) and mechanical strength.plastic white POM Sheet can act as lubricated parts, decorated parts, precision instruments, bearings gears, pumps, and insulated shells replacing of bronze, copper alloy, zinc, aluminum, steel and other metals.

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Product Description

1. Description of Pom Acetal Copolymer Plastic Sheet

  • Appearance: Smooth surface without bubbles

    Color: Normally in natural color, or custom-made according to customers` requirements.

    Thickness: 0.8-150mm

    Sizes: 600 *1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, and 1000 * 2000 mm

    Surface resistance: 10^3 - 10^11

    Natural pom sheets is also named as POM sheet. Natural pom sheet is a cream-colored thermoplastic resin which is very excellent physical and mechanical properties. It has the follow features:

    1) Good overall performance, and coloration, high strength reach to metal.

    2) Tensile strength, flexural strength, creep resistance and fatigue resistance.

    3) Low coefficient of friction.

    4) Excellent chemical resistance.



    Shear strength(Mpa)


    Impact strength(nick)




    Tensile strength(Mpa)


    The highest continuous temperature()


    Bend strength(Mpa)


    Break down resistance(KV/mm)


    Compression strength(Mpa)


    Elastic modulus in tension(Gpa)




    2. Applications of Pom Acetal Copolymer Plastic Sheet

    POM Derlin Plastic is widely used in various sliding and rotating machinery, precise parts, gear and so on. It has been Used throughout the automotive industry, electronics, clothing, medical, machinery, sports equipment industry and other fields. Natural pom sheet is widely applying to cars,electronics,clothing,medical treatment,machinery and so on.

    3. Our Services

    1) High performance cost ratio with steady quality.

    2) OEM service and Prompt Delivery.

    3) The fast speed of reply your email and can make quotation sheet just for you.

    4) Can provide free sample, only need you bear the sample fee.

    5) Supply good after-sales service, we will follow-up the situation after using, if have problems, we will find out the reason and deal with positively.

    4. Advantages:

    1. Black Pom panel has High surface hardness and surface density. Small abrasion consumption, impact fatigue and shock resistance, small coefficient friction, and self-lubricating, therefore, it is the first material choice for manufacturing gear.

    2. High mechanical strength and rigidity. Although the contraction rate is high, the dimension is stable.

    3. Good dielectric properties, solvent resistance, non-stress cracking.

    4.Torsional resistance,it can be restored to their original when removed the external force.

    5. Where is100% virgin pom panel Application ?

    Precision gears, springs, wheels, connecting rod, impeller blades

    Bearings with close tolerance

    Electrical engineering insulations

    Snapfit assemblies

    Automobile industry

    Toys, windows, water tanks and so on

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