High Quality Delrin Pom Sheet/Panel

High Quality Delrin Pom Sheet/Panel

POM formal name is polyacetal or delrin. delrin pom panel ,POM has excellent physical performances: high hardness, good wear resistance and fatigue resistance, good chemical stability and electricity insulation, dimensional stability, especially excellent solvent rigidity (elastic modules) and mechanical strength. It can act as lubricated parts, decorated parts, precision instruments, bearings gears, pumps, and insulated shells replacing of bronze, copper alloy, zinc, aluminum, steel and other metals. Available Products: POM Sheet, Pom Delrin Sheet, Pom Rod Sheet, Delrin Plastic Sheet, Pom Acetal Plate, Pom Plastic Sheet

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Product Description

POM (Full-name: Polyformaldehyde) is a engineering plastics of non-side-chain, high density, high crystalline and linear polymer, which is praised Plastic Steel, and has comprehensive excellent performances, such as: wear-resistance, high hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity (Tensile modulus of elasticity), chemical stability, isolation resistance and dimensional stability. POM has widely applied in Automobile industries, electronic and electric products, commodity, pipeline & fittings, exact apparatus and so on, which can be instead of the bronze, Zinc, tin and other metals.

Applications of Pom Sheet

1. Mechanical gears, sliding and guiding elements, housing parts, springs, chains, screws, nuts, fan wheels, pump parts, valve bodies.

2. Electrical Engineering:insulators, bobbins, connectors,parts for electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, etc.

3. Vehicle: Fuel sender unit, Light stock (including shifter for light, turn signal), power windows,door lock systems, articulated shells.

4. Model: Model Railway parts, such as bogies and handle bars. POM tougher than ABS , in bright translucent colors, and not paintable

5. Packaging: aerosol cans, vehicle tanks.

6. Construction: Structural Glass - pod holder for point

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