Delrin Rod POM Rod 5-300mm

Delrin Rod POM Rod 5-300mm

Discount Delrin Rod POM ROD, Pure Material POM Rods, 5-300mm Plastic Polyoxymethylene POM Rods are in hot selling! Pure Material Plastic Delrin Rod Pom Rod ,10~200mm Plastic Polyoxymethylene POM Rods ,POM is a kind of engineering plastic with good mechanical properties. Known as one most abrasion resistant plastic, It has almost the same rigidity as metal, so it's an ideal replacement material of copper, cast zinc, steel, aluminum and other metal materials. We are able to produce POM products without bubbles or cracks. Available Products: POM Sheet, Pom Delrin Sheet, Pom Rod Sheet, Delrin Plastic Sheet, Pom Acetal Plate, Pom Plastic Sheet

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Product Description

What is POM?

POM is supplied in a granulated form and can be formed into the desired shape by applying heat and pressure. The two most common forming methods employed are injection molding and extrusion. Rotational molding and blow molding are also possible.Typical applications for injection-molded POMinclude high performance engineering components (e.g. gear wheels, ski bindings, fasteners, lock systems) and the material is widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. There are special grades that offer higher mechanical toughness, stiffness or low friction/ wear properties.

POM is commonly extruded as continuous lengths of round or rectangular section. These sections can be cut to length and sold as bar or sheet stock for machining.

What is white pom rod performance ?

Continuous use at temperature -50ºC to +110ºC

High mechanical strength

Low moisture absorption

Good creep resistance

Excellent machinability

Dimensional stability

Physiologically inert

Very low stick-slip

Where is white pom rod application ?

Precision gears, springs, wheels, connecting rod, impeller blades

Bearings with close tolerance

Electrical engineering insulations

Snapfit assemblies

Automobile industry

Toys, windows, water tanks and so on

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